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At LS One, our wide range of language services are based on our core values of reliability, trust, confidentiality and above all, quality. Using processes tailored to your budget, our account managers provide personalised, comprehensive assistance to ensure the best quality results.



Our language services range from translation and localisation, through to editing, proofreading and interpreting. We offer all languages and cover all types of content and specialist areas. And of course, every service is performed by language professionals working in their mother tongue.



We always strive to make your localisation processes more efficient with the help of the latest industry-specific technologies, so you can look forward to simple, fast solutions that won’t break the bank.


Customer requirements

At LS One, we’re all about customisation. Our professional and experienced team uses the advanced technologies to develop flexible and global solutions that are perfectly suited to your company and your requirements.

Victoria Chrystof

Founder of LS ONE

Speak to your customers in their own language. There’s no better way to get your message across.

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Victoria Tymczuk

Our services will enable you to successfully reach your target customers in international markets.

Translation and localisation

With the expert assistance of our native speaker specialist translators, we are ideally positioned to boost the success of internationally active companies. In addition to accurately conveying your content in the target languages, we also take cultural and local aspects into consideration to make your text sound as idiomatic and natural as possible. During the translation process we use the latest technologies and are committed to rigorous quality management, so you can count on absolute consistency and quality. Our extensive resources enable us to provide assistance in all languages and across all industries. Simply name your budget and we’ll tailor the ideal language package to suit your needs.

Text services

When it comes to text, just say the word. We offer everything from corrections of single-language text and editing of multi-language documents, to proofreading print-ready files, carrying out DTP processes and creating brand new text based on your content and stylistic requests. With LS One, you’ll benefit from a diverse network of language experts while enjoying the efficiency of a single service provider. No challenge is too complex for our flexible and customised approach.

Interpreting services

We excel at multilingual communication. Our interpreters are capable of expertly conveying your message in every language and have the necessary interpersonal skills to ensure the success of your multilingual event. In addition to selecting a professional interpreting team, we will also organise the necessary conference technologies. Our interpreting services are managed from start to finish by qualified interpreters to ensure seamless communication at all times.

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