Customised business solutions

Customised business solutions

Customised business solutions

In collaboration with your team, we will design language solutions that are perfectly suited to your company. Everything revolves around your requirements and internal resources. Our transparent processes, efficient working methods and flawless communication mean you’ll be ideally positioned to succeed in your target markets.

Boost productivity while reducing your costs.

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Terminology management

Standardised corporate wording should be the basis of all your corporate communication, as it gives your company a key advantage. Linguistic consistency makes your text easier to understand, enhances your brand’s image within and outside the company and also helps to reduce costs. We will gladly help you set up and maintain a company- or industry-specific terminology database. Get in touch for more information.

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Translation Memory Systems

We work together with innovative software producers and use the latest translation technologies to offer our clients the best possible technical support. Translation Memory Systems store translated text segments, so that they can be reused if the same text appears again within the document or in subsequent translation assignments. What does that mean for you? Greater consistency, faster translation processes and lower costs. By avoiding the manual translation of identical text, you won’t have to pay for the same sentence many times over.

Integrierte Prozesse Icon

Integrated processes

Your company’s own content management system can be directly integrated into the localisation process, so that you can enjoy a variety of seamless services. This makes it easier to plan customised solutions for all your language service needs and you will also benefit from an excellent overview of the various processes at all times. This integrated approach also expedites those processes, so you’ll even save money, too.

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Controlling and reporting

On request we will happily involve you in all our processes. Our user-friendly online portal enables you to create your own projects and request quotes. It also includes reporting, an overview of your invoices and lets you manage your orders.

Dedizierte Kundenteams Icons

Dedicated customer teams

We understand the importance of seamless communication, which is why we assemble dedicated teams for each of our clients. You’ll benefit from having an assigned project manager who is familiar with your company and your requirements. We also engage the services of the same native speakers for all your projects, to ensure quality and consistency across the board. Your personal team is always happy to help.

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