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Translation is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly express the unique nature of your brand in international markets, you need a service provider that will become part of your complex business machinery.

If you’re planning to go global, it is often worth planning the localisation of your content early on. By taking the translation process into consideration when you generate your source files, we can help you avoid problems later on so you won’t have to fix them on the fly. And that will save you time and money.

Translation and localisation
The art of translation

We’re only happy if you can’t tell that our translations are, in fact, translations. When adapting your content from one language to another, our expert translators not only take into account linguistic accuracy, but also cultural and regional idiosyncrasies, as well as the laws and conventions of the target market. So you can rest assured that the resulting text will not sound like a translation when it is read by native speakers – unless you want it to, of course.

Specialist translation
Pitch perfect, every time

Professional translations of technical or scientific texts are vital for any industry seeking success on the international stage. This kind of specialised work requires professionals equipped with both excellent translation skills and specific knowledge in a certain area of expertise.

Bridging the gap with multilingual communication

Even when it comes to the spoken word, LS One has just the right professionals for your project.

At multilingual events, conferences or meetings it’s essential to remove any language barriers to ensure seamless communication between all participants. We’ll help you speak the language of your target audience. Our interpreting services include:

- Consecutive interpreting

- Simultaneous interpreting

- Liaison interpreting

- Whispered interpreting

Enjoy all-inclusive service: we’ll provide a skilled interpreting team for your event and gladly also organise the necessary conference technologies.

Creative solutions for market success

Particularly in the world of marketing, creative and freely adapted translations are a must. Our transcreation experts have excellent intercultural knowledge and a flair for convincing copywriting. With their help, we’ll make sure your advertising and marketing copy turns heads in the target market.

Machine translation
Man or machine – the choice is yours

Do you need to quickly translate large volumes of text on a limited budget? No problem. Machine translation can make it happen. This process generally involves a combination of man and machine – the text is automatically translated then subsequently edited by a language professional. We will gladly advise you regarding which types of text are suitable for machine translation, as well as the limitations of this technology.

Editing and revision
Every word counts

Do you have a translation you’re not quite happy with? We will gladly edit your text to improve the language and content – and really make it shine. From the style and tone to any technical terminology, our linguistic experts specialise in your industry and will respect every nuance in both the source and target languages. And of course, your text will also be checked in relation to grammar and spelling to ensure any errors are identified and corrected.

Good, better, your text

Perfection is particularly important when it comes to publishing. Our language experts have a keen eye for detail and will take a close look at your text to ensure it is completely flawless before it is published. Absolute accuracy guaranteed.

Ready for press
Better safe than sorry

Errors can sometimes sneak into your text while it is being typeset, so before you go to print, it’s vital to check the print-ready files one last time. If the layout was prepared by your own graphic designer, we will gladly go over everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is exactly where it should be. This added safety net will save you time – and potentially money, too.

Desktop publishing
Looking good

Professional localisation not only includes exporting and translating the text in your file, but also importing the translation back into its original file format. Your localised layout will be prepared by our DTP specialists, so that at the end your document will look exactly the same – only in another language.

Your message is in safe hands

Are you looking for creatives to generate original text for your company or brand? Look no further. Our professional copywriters will put your ideas on paper and convey your message in a way that will not only attract your target audience, but keep them coming back for more.

Official translation and notarial certification

Everything by the book

Depending on what your translations are going to be used for (and in which country), you may need them officially certified. No matter whether you require notarisation, legalisation or an apostille, we’ll happily save you a trip to the relevant authorities.

Contact us from the word go. We’ll set you up for success.

Flexibility and adaptability

Less is more? Not at LS One.
Thanks to our extensive network of language professionals and many other service providers, we have access to wide range of resources and can usually even accommodate special client requests.

Media and content

We provide assistance with documents in all kinds of file formats, transcriptions and subtitles for audiovisual content, websites, printed flyers and brochures, and so much more. We can localise whatever you need.

Industries and specialist areas

We’re well versed in the specific requirements of your industry. Whether you’re active in finance, law, marketing and tourism or the pharmaceutical industry, we have suitable language professionals to competently meet your high quality standards. Do you have any questions? We will gladly provide you with further information about our team and workflows.

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