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Freelance collaboration

Our network of freelancers is composed of professional, highly qualified translators, editors, proofreaders and DTP specialists. They have all studied and have many years of experience. They are fluent in their respective source language(s), are native speakers of their target language and have the necessary skills required to use industry-specific software and work in the desired file formats. Research and critical thinking are part of their everyday work.

We always select our freelancers in accordance with the quality standard ISO 17100:2015 and its requirements regarding translation service providers.

Your profile:

  • You have a recognised university degree in translation / linguistics or
  • in another area of studies, plus two years’ full-time work experience in translation or
  • five years’ full-time work experience in translation

What we expect from you:

  • Dedication to perfection in your work
  • Flawless language skills in the source and target languages
  • Reliability and on-time delivery of assignments
  • Flexibility
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Observance of all instructions and compliance with all standards
  • Competent use of standard translation software programmes

Reasons to join us:

  • Long-term collaboration with a steady flow of work
  • Fair remuneration and prompt payment
  • Interesting projects in your area of expertise
  • Professional and friendly project managers

Does that sound like you? To submit your application or request more information, simply write to us at

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